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2005 Show News

We had a mixed Show year in 2005. Here are our trials and triumphs (in reverse order).

Semi Long Hair Cat Association Show (16 April 2005)
Burton-upon-Trent, Staffordshire
Crystal came away with a First in her open class ("Any Colour Silver Somali Adult Female"). And a somewhat grouchy Narya came Third in one of her side classes ("Any Colour Somali"). She's not having the best year, bless her.

Somali Cat Club Show (19 March 2005)
Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire
Narya proved that today was really not her day -- that she wanted to simply observe the goings-on, and not be judged at all. As it was, she refused to be judged in any of her classes apart from one side class, "Somali with the Best Ticked Coat", where she came Second. Ahh well, everyone is entitled to "off days" and we love her anyway!

This was also Crystal's first show and she did very well, coming Second in her open class ("Any Colour Silver Somali Adult Female"). In her side classes, she came Second in the members-only category for "Any Colour Silver Somali Adult" and Third in the SLHCA members-only "Any Variety Semi Long Hair Adult" class. For a bit of fun we entered her in the "Most Purriest Cat" class and she came Third.

Judge's Show Report from Our Cats!
The following is the Judge's official report on Crystal in her open class for the Somali Cat Club Show.

"AC Somali Adult Female: Second. Ward & Forward's SOLENTSEA CRYSTAL (63cs). Just a year old and I would have liked to see a larger frame. Overall good head shape, lacking muzzle today, nose showing slight break, good width between well-cupped ears, eyes too round -- could be she wasn't quite fully relaxed. Clearly ticked coat with good facial markings and heels, silvery white contrast, slight tarnishing." (Mrs B. Shingleton)

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